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The Department of economics and humanitarian and social disciplines was founded in 2002. It is a structural division of the Lipetsk institute of cooperation (branch) of Autonomous non-profit higher education organization "Belgorod university of cooperation, economics and law". From 2002 to 2004, the Department was headed by Grafkina N.V. Since 2004 to the present time the Department is headed by associate Professor, candidate of pedagogical science, Grechushkin V. A.

The Department carries out research, methodological, educational and career-oriented activities in the field of economics, management, marketing, statistics at secondary professional education and higher education (bachelor's level). 

Our team faces difficult, but extremely important and exciting tasks. Over the past years, we have learned to build our relationships with students correctly, respect their opinions and interests. We are open to cooperation, to accept new ideas and suggestions, no matter who they come from. Our Department forms students' complete and systematic knowledge about the essence of the economy, the laws of its development. It is also interested in acquiring practical entrepreneurial skills.

The staff of the Department, taking into account the specifics and features of a particular period, always combine, skillfully and optimally, General theoretical teaching students the basics of Economics. The Department made a significant contribution to the development of the subject and object of research in Economics, enriching academic disciplines with the most relevant scientific and practical problems, saturating them with new content, improving the main lecture courses and the system of special courses and forming new scientific directions.

The main task of the team is to train highly qualified specialists in the areas of 38.03.01 "Economy", 38.03.02 "Management" and specialty 40.02.01 "Law and social security organization".

The Department of Economics and management has specialized classrooms No.31 (Lecture hall), No.35 (Office of management, marketing, psychology and ethics), No.37 (Office of Economics, statistics, analysis, financial and economic activity), No.5 (Office of ecology and life safety), No.30 (Office of law), No.34 (Office of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines), No.39 (office of foreign languages), No.43 (Office of management activities documentation), No.48 (Office of theory and history of consumer cooperation), equipped with thematic stands, specialized equipment.

AUD. No. 31: Lecture hall

Thematic stands: "Economy of the enterprise", equipped with audio-visual means

AUD. No. 35: Office of management, marketing, psychology and ethics

Thematic stands: "Personnel Management"; "Management psychology"; "Manage-means to lead an enterprise to its goal by extracting maximum opportunities from available resources" (A. Fayol); "Types of modern management"; "General and specific management functions"; "Strategic management"; "Financial management".

AUD. No. 37: Cabinet of economics, statistics, analysis, financial and economic activities.

Thematic stands: "Knowledge is power, but knowledge of economic laws is the force that helps to succeed in life" (F. Bacon); “Economics. Two areas of economic research"; "General scheme of formation and analysis of the main indicators of economic activity"; "Connection of planning with other management functions"; "Economic resources"; "Structure of the business plan"; "Procedure for drawing up a marketing plan"; "SWOT" - analysis of the company's activities; " Sources of occurrence and flows of marketing information in the enterprise".

AUD. No. 5: Cabinet of ecology and life safety.

Thematic stands: ”Society and safety”; ”Legislative and regulatory framework for occupational safety”; “Life safety organizational issues”; “Fire safety”; ”Electrical safety”; “Orders of Russia”; “Medals of Russia”; “Federal Law on defense, section 4, article 10”.

AUD. No. 30: Cabinet of legal disciplines.

Thematic stands: “Judicial system of Russian Federation”; “Law Enforcement agencies of Russian Federation; “Requirements for graduates”; ”Legal ways to protect the rights and freedoms of a citizen of the Russian Federation”; “Guarantees of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens”.

AUD. No. 34: Cabinet of Humanities and socio-economic disciplines.

Thematic stands: “Russian language and speech culture”; “Fundamentals of economics”; “Laws of dialectics”; “Fundamentals of sociology and political science”.

AUD. No. 39: The foreign languages classroom.

Thematic stands: “Maps of Great Britain, France, and Germany”. Stands with geographical, economic, and political features of the countries of the language being studied. “Newsletter”.

AUD. No. 43: Cabinet of administrative activities documentation.

Thematic stands: ”Scheme of organization of work with documents of the company”; “Functions of the DOE service”; “Standard schemes of work in the "personnel management" system”; “Requirements for the graduates’ level of training in the field of DOE”; “Technical characteristics of the PC”; “Document Functions”; “Classification of management documentation”; “Newsletter”.

AUD. No. 48: Cabinet of the theory of cooperative movement.

Sports hall: sloping Board "Scott"; treadmill; exercise bike; exercise machine "Kettler"; exercise machine "Step"; neck straight; neck curve; ski boots; badminton Rackets; rackets for tennis; volleyball nets; ski poles; skis; sneakers; spikes; tennis table; tennis nets; tennis balls; basketball balls; volleyball balls; pump; gym mats; jump Rope; weights; dumbbells; darts; volleyball uniforms; knee pads; rope; stopwatch; roulette; stuffed balls; discs for the bar; Swedish Wall; crossbar; basketball boards.