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Lipetsk Institute of cooperation is one of the leading economic universities in the region, which created a multi-stage system of continuous training, including secondary, higher, and additional professional education. The Institute has 2 faculties: Economics and commodity science, and secondary professional education.

Training of specialists at the Institute is based on the principles that combine advanced methods of fundamental University and practical education. The high quality of training is determined by the integration of science, education and innovation, which is provided by the University's traditions, and the involvement of leading practitioners in the educational process.

The Institute employs teachers who have the honorary titles of  "Honorary worker of higher professional education", "Honorary worker of secondary professional education", "Honored teacher of the Russian Federation". The formation of the teaching staff is based on the principle of professionalism, continuity and experience.

Special attention is paid to the use of information technologies in the educational process: the University has created modern computer classes, virtual enterprises, multimedia classes, as well as a class with video conferencing equipment.

A database of electronic educational resources has been created for students (educational recommendations, tasks for independent work, educational and training manuals, tests for self-control, questions for preparing for tests and exams, the subject of term papers, etc.), which are available on the website and in the library of the Institute.

Methodical work

Methodical work at the Institute is a complex of measures aimed at improving pedagogical skills of teaching staff, improvement of training and methodological support of educational process, introduction of innovative pedagogical technologies taking into account requirements to the level and quality of professional training in conditions of modernization of socio-economic processes in the country.

Much work is carried out to organize methodological support of the Institute educational activities:

  1. Analysis of information, software and methodological support for the disciplines of the Institute specialties (directions of training) curriculum and development of recommendations for its improvement.
  2. Coordinating the work of the Institute's structural divisions to develop and publish high-quality educational and methodological literature meeting the requirements of the standards.
  3. Coordination of work on distribution of published educational and methodological reference literature by structural divisions of the Institute.
  4. Preparation of materials on the provision of educational and methodological literature for disciplines and specialties of the Institute.
  5. Development of recommendations for improving the methodological support of the educational process at the Institute.
  6. Formation of long-term plans for the preparation of textbooks and teaching AIDS, authors’ groups for the creation of educational literature on the Institute's specialties.