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The faculty of economics and commodity science is an educational and administrative division of the Institute that trains students in the following directions:

Name of the training directionProfile
38.03.01 Economics Economics of enterprises and organizations
Finance and credit
Accounting, analysis and audit
38.03.02 Management Management
38.03.07 Commodity science Commodity research and examination of goods in domestic and foreign trade
19.03.04 Product technology and public catering organization Technology and organization of production of public catering products

The faculty educational process is carried out by highly qualified professional teachers with extensive experience in scientific, pedagogical and practical work. In order to improve the level of pedagogical skills, the quality and activation of educational and methodological work, ensure the connection of theory and practice in teaching academic disciplines, the teaching staff takes part in scientific and methodological seminars and webinars.

The Institute has sufficient material and technical base. Specialized classrooms are equipped with thematic stands, specialized equipment, TVs, multimedia projectors, office equipment.

There are computer classes with a set of specialized programs. Licensed client OS of the Windows families are used as the main operating systems on personal computers in classrooms.

Innovative teaching methods are widely used in the educational process. Classroom lessons are conducted using multimedia presentations, educational videos and movies.

There is a library at the Institute. It allows to organize successfully educational and scientific research work. Students are provided with access to the electronic library system "University library online" which contains publications on the main subjects studied, as well as, with the electronic library of the distance learning system "Prometheus". To ensure the ability to work with various internal and external resources, wireless Wi-Fi network has been set up with access points located in the library's reading hall.

Scientific research work is an integral part of students’ educational activities. It is a system aimed at teaching students creativity, instilling research skills in them, upbringing highly professional and creatively minded future specialists.

Students of the faculty conduct scientific research, participate in scientific circles, problem creative groups, make presentations at student scientific and practical conferences, participate in business games, competitions, Olympiads and become prize winners.

Scientific students’ groups:"Financier", "Economist", "Manager" are functioning at the faculty departments.

Excursions to the leading enterprises of the region, trainings and master classes, meetings of students with entrepreneurs are regularly held at the Faculty. 

The purpose of upbringing work at the faculty is to form a versatile, morally stable and creative personality. The teaching staff actively participates in upbringing and career-oriented events: “Open days”, meetings with students and their parents.

The students’ self-government is very active at the faculty. The Students’ Council operates within it.

Heads of departments and curators of groups organize extracurricular activities. Curator together with the group conducts curatorial hours, discusses the results of certifications and sessions, and visits museums, libraries, and exhibitions. Thanks to the curator, first-year students get acquainted with the Institute's  Charter, learn the rules and regulations of the internal schedule, their rights and duties.

The faculty has all the opportunities not only for studying, but also for sports, Amateur art, and for spiritual and cultural improvement of the individual.

In order to activate voluntary (volunteer) activities, the potential of young people in solving socially significant problems, students of the faculty of economics and commodity studies are active participants of public organizations and movements, as well as they take part in sports and recreation and cultural events in the city of Lipetsk and Lipetsk region.

Students of the faculty of economics and commodity science take active part in actions of the main state youth policy directions implementation.  

After graduating students are issued state diplomas.

The field of professional activity of the faculty of economics and commodity science graduates of the Lipetsk institute of cooperation (branch) of BUCEL includes: economic, financial, production and economic and analytical services of organizations of various industries; spheres and forms of ownership; financial, credit and insurance institutions, etc.

To make the years of study not  only useful but also memorable for the whole life as the brightest and most exciting, it is necessary to become real students, to blend into  new environment,  rich in glorious traditions of the Commonwealth students of the faculty "Economics and commodity science" Lipetsk Institute of cooperation (branch) of BUCEL.

Poletaeva Nadezhda Vladimirovna is the Dean of the economics and commodity science faculty, candidate of pedagogical sciences