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The main directions of educational work at the faculty are: the formation of a modern scientific worldview, spiritual and moral, Patriotic, legal, aesthetic, professional, creative, labor and physical education that forms healthy lifestyle.

Educational work is aimed at the formation of universal and professional qualities of students: honesty, patriotism, labor discipline, respect for elders, etc.

The Dean:

  • organizes the work of curators of academic student groups (coordination of curators' work, planning and organization of thematic curatorial hours);
  • attracts students to participate in events dedicated to public holidays, prepares and conducts events that contribute to the formation of legal and political culture, active citizenship, promoting healthy lifestyle, developing  sense of patriotism, internationalism, contributing to the prevention of drug abuse and the fight against offenses;
  • conducts  the work on the organization of prevention of offenses and abuse of mentally active substances in the student environment;
  • conducts individual educational work with students;
  • organizes events to study the objective state of the student environment;
  • provides information support to students using all available means and methods of submitting information.

Active cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church in the person of the Holy assumption monastery and its abbot father Mitrofan, city and regional organisations in various fields: medical institutions, law enforcement agencies, youth organizations, helps to improve students’ spiritual-moral, Patriotic, cultural, physical education.

The faculty holds events of various kinds: the Olympics; competitions for the best student scientific – research works. Students of the faculty actively participate in professional competitions, KVN, initiation of first-year students, "Autumn debuts". Meetings with employers are organized for graduate students. Our students are working on the improvement of the academic building and the surrounding area. Students participate in recruitment events during the "Open day", the applicant's Day, and the job fair.


Creative associations of the Institute carry out their work at the faculty. Students of the faculty are engaged in the Institute sports sections: "Volleyball", "Table tennis". They represent the Institute at various mass events of the city, regional and all-Russian scale.  

You need to become real students, fit into the community of glorious traditions of economics and commodity science faculty, so that the years of study were not just useful, but remembered for a lifetime as the brightest and most exciting ones.