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List of priority research areas of the Institute within the framework of scientific schools

Improvement of economic mechanism of an economic entity functioning

Buneeva R.I., doctor of Economics, Professor

Improvement of sectors of consumer cooperation activity

Zvyagina N.N., cand. of economics, associate Professor

Social aspects of training students in modern conditions

Semenuchenko N.V., cand. of pedagogical sciences, associate Professor

The main directions of the Institute faculty scientific activity are:
Department of economics and humanitarian and social disciplines

1. The role of consumer cooperation in the formation of markets for raw materials and food resources in the region

2. Current trends in the development of the cooperative sector of the economy

3. Organization of enterprises of cooperative economic entities

4. Current approaches to management, marketing and personnel management

5. Problems of students’ professional training at the Institute

6. Current trends in the socio-cultural development of the cooperative movement

7. Realization of citizens' rights and their social and legal protection
Department of finance and accounting

1. Features of accounting and taxation in consumer cooperation organizations

2. Professional orientation of training and development of information component in teaching mathematical disciplines

3. Application of modern information and communication technologies in the economy

4. State regulation of financial and credit institutions functioning , assessment of the public authorities effectiveness

5. Mathematical models of managerial decision-making in economic entities

Department of commodity and technological disciplines

1. Organizational aspects of ensuring the consumer cooperation resource potential

2. Development and research of new types of equipment for public catering enterprises

3. Improving the activities of public catering and trade enterprises in economic entities and consumer cooperation system

Scientists of the Institute are active in publishing, take part in Russian and international scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars. The Institute regularly hosts major scientific events (conferences, “round tables”).

The following international and all-Russian conferences were held at the Institute in 2018:

1. International scientific and practical conference "Cooperative entrepreneurship: current state and problems of development".

2. All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Advanced pedagogical technologies in the system of higher and secondary professional education".

The following international and regional conferences were held at the Institute in 2017:

1. Scientific conference of faculty and students "Cooperation, economics, law: vector of interaction»;

2. International scientific and practical conference of faculty, practitioners, young scientists and students "development of cooperation: domestic and foreign experience".

The international and regional scientific-practical and scientific-methodological conferences, “round tables“ of  teachers were held at the Institute In 2016. Among them:

1. International scientific and practical conference "Modern problems of cooperation: young people view";

2. All-Russian student scientific conference "Youth scientific search: cooperation, economics, law";

3. International scientific conference "Science, society, cooperation: problems of interaction".