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Scientific-research work of students
Upbringing work

The faculty of secondary professional education was established in 2002 on the basis of the Lipetsk cooperative technical school. Pedagogical and upbringing traditions are still preserved and multiplied. The faculty provides training in the following specialties:

- 19.02.10 Technology of catering products;

- 38.02.01 Economics and accounting (according to branches);

- 38.02.05 Commodity science and examination of the quality of consumer goods;

- 40.02.01 Law and organization of social security.

Training at the faculty of secondary professional education is carried out as follows:

1. Getting education based on innovative teaching methods and advanced technologies.

2. Formation of professional, entrepreneurial and career competencies based on dual training, WorldSkills movement standards and project activities.

3. Participation in competitions of professional and entrepreneurial skills.

4. Implementation of business projects on the educational and consumer society basis.

5. Mastering research skills in scientific clubs.

6. Development of social and managerial skills and social activities in students’ self-government bodies.

7. Development of creativity and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

8. Getting opportunity of guaranteed employment.

We work under the motto: "From the quality of education to the quality of life!»

Yermolova Olga Viktorovna is the Dean of the faculty of secondary professional education, candidate of pedagogical sciences.