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The process of upbringing at the faculty is considered as a purposeful activity aimed at: creating conditions for the development of students' spirituality on the basis of universal and domestic values; assisting them in life self-determination, moral, civil and professional development; creating conditions for individual’s self-realization which is carried out in accordance with the concept of the Institute upbringing work, the plans of the faculty, departments and curators. Amateur art circles in various directions: pop and choral singing, choreography, modern dance, KVN, original genre, promote all-round development of the student's personality.

The faculty conducts purposeful work aimed at introducing students, teachers and employees to cultural values, developing their aesthetic taste and engaging them in active cultural activities. Visits to exhibitions, museums, cultural trips to theaters and cinemas, literary meetings, and conference presentations are regularly orga-nized within the framework of aesthetic upbringing.

Professional education plays an important role In the process of forming  competitive and competent graduates. Its essence is to introduce students to professional activities and related social functions in accordance with the specialty and skill level. In this regard, the faculty annually holds presentations of specialties, meetings with practitioners, organizes excursions to the  region leading enterprises of Lipetsk and Lipetsk region, professional skill contests and master classes.

Special attention at the faculty is paid to the civil and Patriotic upbringing of students aimed at the formation of: civil position and patriotic consciousness; modern scientific worldview; legal awareness of students, everyone's willingness to fight for the strengthening of public discipline and law and order; activating  civil position.

Students of the faculty are actively involved in the implementation of the region's youth policy by participating in partner projects, youth programs and promotions. They are members of youth organizations.

Spiritual and moral upbringing of students of the faculty is aimed: at forming their respectful attitude to public duty; cultivating  moral culture and spirituality, culture of communication. As part of this direction, students of the faculty traditionally take an active part in voluntary actions and charity events.

Physical upbringing and improvement of health-forming activity is an important task of upbringing activities at the faculty. To maintain physical fitness, students of the faculty attend sports sections. Besides, they take part in various activities promoting healthy lifestyle together with students of different institutions of Lipetsk and Lipetsk region.

At the faculty, much attention is paid to the research work of students. Science classes contribute to the formation of the readiness of future specialists for the creative implementation of the knowledge and skills obtained at the University, help to master the methodology of scientific research, and gain research experience.

At the faculty, the regular work of the cathedral subject scientific clubs is carried out, the activities of which have a professional orientation:

  • Scientific club "Accountant". Scientific adviser of the club is Shatova N.A, senior lecturer of finance and accounting department. Special attention at the club meetings is paid to modern trends in accounting and reporting. Employees of the consumer cooperation system and other Lipetsk region enterprises and organizations are often invited to participate in the meetings.
  • Scientific club "Dialogue of cultures". Scientific adviser is Soldatova V.L., candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of economics and humanitarian and social disciplines department. Students study traditions, customs, cultures of the countries of studied languages at the club meetings.
  • Scientific club "Patriot". Scientific adviser is Kuzmina E.E., associate professor of economics and humanitarian and social disciplines department. The importance of patriotic upbringing for young people today is considered at the club meetings. The heroic pages of the history of Russia associated with the First World war and the Great Patriotic war are studied, too. Pilots of the local garrison are often invited to the club meetings.
  • Scientific club "Ecologist". Scientific adviser is Yadritseva T.S., candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of commodity science and technology disciplines department. Members of the club study the environmental situation in the world and in the Lipetsk region. Special attention is paid to environmental protection and food safety.
  • Scientific club "Technologist". Scientific adviser is Shtakina O.V., Ph. D., senior lecturer of commodity and technological disciplines department. At the club meetings students conduct research on modern types of technological equipment for public catering enterprises and develop recipes for various dishes.
  • Scientific club "Commodity Expert". Scientific advisers are Gavrilyuk S.I., junior scientific researcher of the scientific department, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of commodity and technological disciplines department and Gorelova I.E., candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of commodity and technological disciplines department. The current state and prospects of development of the market of various product groups are evaluated at the club meetings. Research is conducted in the field of quality and safety of goods delivered to retail chains.

Students of the faculty take active part in competitions of research and creative works of young people, Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences of various levels and scales.